WATCH Russian paratroopers training at special tactical training facility

The Airborne Troops are a Russian military and, previously, Soviet military troops known as the Russian Paratroopers.

The Airborne Troops directly reports to the Ministry of Defense, thus having the status of independent corp within the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. VDVs are the Russian military force with the greatest mobility capacity and the largest airborne force in the world.

The mission of the Airborne Troops is to respond within a few hours to a possible emergency situation, using long range aircraft to perform a parachute assault within hours of the warning.

Unlike Western airborne units that must travel on foot once they reach their destination, each division of the VDV is mechanized with 200 to 300 armored combat vehicles of the BMD family, with parachute capability. This allows the units of the Airborne Troops to have a greater mobility and a fire power superior to the one of the conventional light infantry. Check them out on their training mission and leave your comment below.

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