Top 10 Assault Rifles in The World!

A list of the Assault Rifles out there. Starting with the AK-101, designed in Russia it’s functional both in the fully automatic and semi-automatic mode, kind of like the AK-47 but with a more modern design.

The M4A1, very used by the US military it is a gas operated, magazine fed, selective fire, shoulder-fired weapon with the option of a telescoping stock. Next is Famas. Lightweight and design details cause more recoil but Famas is very handy, since soldiers transform can it into a grenade launcher. Then we have one of the smallest rifles in the world, designed by Israel Military industries The Galil.

The Steyr AUG is also on this list. One of the best bullpup rifles out there, the Steyr AUG has many variants as well as a change of barrel. Designed in Austria, it is a 5.56mm assault rifle with a Spz-kr type progressive trigger. Moving on to Heckler & Koch G36, designed in Germany G36 is a 5.56X45 mm assault rifle, it can fire from underwater or while covered in mud accurately. The AK-74 is also on this list. With better precision than AK-47 and smaller rounds which grounds lower recoil the rifle causes less damage compared to an AK-47, what’s special in the AK-74 is its weight.

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