This Kid Can Shoot a CZ Scorpion SBR Better Than You!

Baby Stewie getting to run drills with his Scorpion on the day he fired his first shotgun.

This brave little boy shows us his exercise with his CZ Scorpion SBR, on this short video we see him running tactical drills with his dad and also trainer. His trainer has given him an AR500 armor for safety reasons, we see him act fast after his trainer gives him orders on which target he should shoot first and what he should do after he shoots which includes scanning and looking for threats and Stewie looks like he knows what he’s doing.

This child is trained to shoot and has a professional trainer, if you do not have permission to carry a firearm please do not do this.

What did you guys think about baby Stewie’s exercise, do you think training children to shoot is helpful for them? Let us know!

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