The Fastest RUSSIAN Shotgun Shooter in the World!! Andrey Kirisenko in Action

Vickers tactical presented footage of one of the fastest shotgun shooters in the world. Meet Andrey Kirisenko, the Russian shotgun shooter and the 3 gin IPSC Champion. He also featured in the INSANE Russian counter terror confidence drill. Andrey decided to give Larry and all of the YouTube followers of his channel a demonstration of how really fast he is.

Check out his speed in the video below where he is using a customized SAIGA 12 shotgun as his weapon. With years of training, his fingers engage the trigger of his SAIGA 12 as he is a fully automatic weapon himself. Starting from the 1980 Olympics, Andrey shows the world that he possesses some inhuman skills and amazing speed when it comes to pulling the trigger. His friend and opponent on the field Jerry Mickulek truly admires his skills. Check out the video and let us know what your thoughts are regarding Andrey’s speed.

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