Shooting Thumpers – They kick like mules but are loads of fun!

(Scroll down for the video)

Military Arms Channel show us “weird, crazy and colorful firearms”. Starting with the 4-inch barrel 556 AR pistol which has different colored parts and looks like a toy which is very dangerous when you’re around kids so we should keep that in mind, then they show us the 500 Magnum single shot rifle put together by House of Arms, with a 16-inch barrel it’s a suppressed 500 Magnum, a one of one firearm which they shot a pig with and the bullet went through the other side without a problem so they are extreme penetrators. Next is the Big Horn Armory Spike Driver with model 89 again 500 Magnum with an 18-inch barrel. These firearms have the largest caliber without having permission to register as destructive firearms and their price is pretty cheap comparing to the large destructive firearms.

What do you guys think about these firearms? Share your thoughts!

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