Saiga 12 Shotgun 20 Rd Drum Terminator

Another Shoot-A-Matic episode with BigDaddyHoffman1911 showing and shooting The Saiga 12 gauge shotgun with a 20 round Pro Mag drum at some zombies and steel targets at The Hoffman Compound. This shotgun is a great choice for self and home protection and zombie hunting. Now this is what I’m talking about!!! Hope you enjoy and as always Thanks For Watching…..”OohRah” ******If you like this video please give it a Thumbs Up, Favorite, Comment and Subscribe****** More info I found below or visit The Saiga-12 self-loading smooth bored shotgun is intended for professional and sport hunting of small-and medium-size game under any climatic conditions. This shotgun is built on the famous AK-47 action that has been proven by years of very reliable combat action! The shotgun comes with 12-ga. smooth bored barrel and the chamber which accepts the ammo equipped with shot or slugs including “Magnum” cartridges with 70mm (2-3/4″) and 76 mm (3″) cartridge case.

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