Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol – Quick Overview

Amadeo Rossi SA (or simply Rossi), founded in 1889 in São Leopoldo, Brazil, is a Brazilian arms manufacturer.[1] Rossi produces pistols and revolvers used by both civilians and security forces, and exports worldwide. It is considered one of the largest weapons manufacturers in Brazil.[2] In the 1970s Rossis began to be distributed in the United States by Interarms Virginia. This continued until 1997, when Rossi founded BrazTech, their own subsidiary representative in North America . Their revolvers had great popularity in the United States, Canada and some countries in Europe.[3][4] The production line of revolvers and handguns was acquired by Taurus. Rossi currently produces only hunting rifles, shotguns and traditional line of Puma rifles. It also has a line of own airgun, known as Rossi Dione.
Since 2010, Rossi no longer produces firearms for sale in the Brazilian market,[5] and dedicates itself exclusively to the importation and distribution of airguns and airsoft, a sport that remains popular in Brazil since its legalization. Rossi guns can still be found in the foreign market, made by Amadeo Rossi (exclusively for export) or by Taurus.
Rossi distributes in Brazil airgun brands Beeman, Hatsan, SAG, Zoraki, Crossman, among others, besides airsofts brands HFC, CQB, Swiss Arms and Crossman.

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