Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner

As we all know Fidget Spinners are a big thing now, trends like this tend to pass in a week or so, but these ‘anti-stress devices” seem to have their way with people since every person on the street has one in their hands.

Well YouTuber TheBackyardScientist took fidget spinners to a whole other level, and it’s definitely freaking awesome. He makes it out of aluminum and rockets, he cut out the shape of the spinner in a piece of plywood and uses the template to cut the aluminum with a plasma cutter, then he puts the small pieces in place and mounts the rockets in each side of the spinner.

He takes the test on his backyard and the first try was a fail since it didn’t rotate right and it hit his friend and his shield, in second test he uses more rockets and it works perfectly.

Would you guys want one of these giant Fidget Spinners? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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