Racegun! Tanfoglio Gold Custom .38 Super

(Scroll down for the video)

The Tanfoglio TA 95 is an Italian pistol. This modernization of the TZ 75, itself copied on the CZ 75 was essentially sold in the USA. During the 1970s Fratelli Tanfoglio also produced semi-automatic pistols in the 380 ACP caliber, but it was not until the early 1980s that Tanfoglio began producing a new model, the Tanfoglio TZ 75. In 1986, the slightly modified model becomes the TA 90. In 1997, the final model appeared the TA 95.

This Italian gun fires a .38 super bullets. The .38 Super, or .38 Super Automatic, cartridge pistol ammo is created by the Colt’s Manufacturing Company. It is a 9 mm cartridge that assembles a bullet of the same caliber as the 9 x 19 Parabellum. What are your thoughts about this custom version of the Tanfoglio? Would you like to lay your hands on one of them? Leave a comment with your opinion below.

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