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A street punk learned the hard way that a few grey hairs doesn’t mean a man is feeble. There seems to be some problem between the man in the hat and the couple standing to the left side of the screen. The older man in the green striped shirt opens his arms in a “come at me bro” fashion and the bully gives him a quick slap to the face. ...

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Check out this video of a 375 magnum vs. a sheet metal and see who will end up being stronger. The cartridge .357 Magnum was by the company & Smith Wesson 1934 for Revolver brought to market (see picture. Colt Python). Today, there are a variety of long and short weapons that are produced in this caliber. .357 Magnum ammunition is twice as much load as .38 Special -ammo (similar ...

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(SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO) You know the saying “One always ruins it for the bunch”? Here’s that ONE. Kid thought it was a good idea to play around with a loaded pistol and accidentally shoots himself in the head. How he is still alive? NO IDEA. Luckily for this bozo, it appears from the photos below, which he also posted, that the bullet just grazed his head allowing him to ...

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Uploaded to LiveLeak on Monday shows a group of men shoving a donkey off the back of a truck and into a tiger exhibit. A donkey reportedly became collateral damage over a dispute between an investor and managers of a zoo in China. Shocking video uploaded to LiveLeak on Monday shows a group of men shoving a donkey off the back of a truck and into a tiger exhibit. The ...

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I’d be lying if I said that doing this job I hadn’t written about a lot of crazy people doing a lot of crazy shit. But honest to god this video has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve seen yet. If you’re not aware what Tannerite is, then allow me to explain. Tannerite is a combination of ammonium nitrate and/or ammonium perchlorate (oxidizers), and a fuel – primarily ...

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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO How many slaps to the face is too many slaps? That is the question people are trying to answer today on Facebook. This guy took about 40 punches before he throws a shot of his own. The thing that always gets me about these videos is all of these people around them, watching, filming, etc and NO ONE WANTS TO STOP IT BEFORE SOMEONE DIES!? The ...

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The ARX160 is a rimfire version of the ARX100, Beretta’s celebrated .223 Rem tactical rifle. But aside from the caliber, this .22 LR rifle is virtually identical to the centerfire version as far as operations, controls, accessorization and customization options. A training rifle that will never let you down, the ARX160 is an extra-durable piece of gear that will satisfy even the most demanding tactical shooter. What do you guys ...

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As we all know Fidget Spinners are a big thing now, trends like this tend to pass in a week or so, but these ‘anti-stress devices” seem to have their way with people since every person on the street has one in their hands. Well YouTuber TheBackyardScientist took fidget spinners to a whole other level, and it’s definitely freaking awesome. He makes it out of aluminum and rockets, he cut ...

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(Scroll down for the video) In this video, we have a tank roll over a car which was actually an IED, we don’t see that at first but once the tank gets on the car the bomb activates and it blows up. This US M1 Abrams battle tank doesn’t seem to be affected at all by the blast so nobody was hurt.  

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