M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle Firing .50bmg Sub-Cal Round

Check out this guy firing his M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle and you will altogether want one and have a few questions when it’s all over.
Whether it’s fired from a tripod or even hand-held, this thing doesn’t move much. And as Colonel Jim Crossman said, it’s “rifle accuracy and cannon power on a man’s shoulder”
Here’s what it looks like to use:
The venerable Small Arms Review says that “The M18 and M18A1 57mm recoilless rifles are the smallest of a family of such weapons that served the United States military from the latter stages of World War II to well into the 1980’s, if you include National Guard service.”
This is another in a long line of ‘toys’ that we would love to play with. Some of the issues might be storage, transport, and even the high cost of ammo, but like anything on our wish list we want to play first and worry later.
Even while it does have a small amount of recoil, when you consider the ammunition and the size it doesn’t really move much at all even fired off the shoulder.

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