HOW TO make a full-auto Airsoftgun for 9$

A soft air weapon, also called Airsoft weapon, is a special compressed air force system, which is used in the tactical terrain game Airsoft. There are also disciplines in IPSC – Shooting, which are carried out with airsoft handguns. Airsoft guns are often under licenses deceptively reconstructed replicas of real firearms, but not cause any life-threatening injuries. Softair weapons are used to apply round balls made of different materials by means of spring pressure, gas or an electromechanically operated compressed air system.

Well, how that you know what an airsoft gun is, check the video demonstration by NOVRITSCH on his YouTube channel to learn how to make one yourself for only $9. All you need is a pen, a bottle, air blow gun and BB’s as ammo. Check out the how to guide in the video below and leave a comment with your opinion after you’ve tried.

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