HK416 and HK MR556 Comparison – The Military Version And Its Civilian Counterpart

Without question the HK416 is the gas piston M4 variant that all others are measured against – it’s the most successful and the most proven firearm. It’s use by SOF units around the globe speaks for itself. It wasn’t the first of its type, but it is clearly the best.

On this video, Robbie Reidsma along with Larry Vickers compare the HK416 with its civilian counterpart, the MR 556.

As Larry explains on the beginning, before the HK416 weapons like M4 carbine were used which were effective but it was too big to maneuver and MP5 which was a useable gun, meaning that it was not too big and it had 9mm bullets, we can say that the HK416 is a product of these two firearms. It’s a short-barreled weapon with a piston operating system which is ideal for confined spaces.

Robbie shows us the differences and the similarities of the HK416 and the HK MR556 he dismounts the firearms and tells us their functions

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