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Assault rifles are all well and good, but when you really need to tear a person to pieces, nothing fills the air with metal quite like a combat shotgun. And for those times when a regular combat shotgun isn’t generating enough flying body parts, connoisseurs turn to what must be the most outrageously devastating hand-held anti-personnel murder machine in existence: the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, or AA-12. Fully automatic and drum-fed, ...

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M240B HELMET CAM AMBUSH – A Marine platoon is ambushed while on patrol. The M240B gunner provides suppressing fire which allows his team to move. A US Marines patrol is ambushed by insurgents while on patrol in Afghanistan. The M240B gunner provides suppressing fire which allows his team to move. *DISCLAIMER* This footage is to be taken as a documentary on the events of the war in Afghanistan and should ...

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Do you like watching terrorists get taken out? Do you like scooters? Do you like A-10s? Do you like watching terrorists on scooters get taken out by an A-10? Then this video is for you. Check out the entire episode below:

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List of the greatest gun fails of all time, ranked by how ridiculous and funny they are. You’d think that someone using a firearm would want to take as many precautions as they can, but some of these people are just plain stupid when firing their weapon. Whether it’s trying to fire a magnum with one hand or shooting a shotgun that’s too powerful for you, these idiots take the ...

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Gun enthusiasts are a particular breed. Some are anti-government Second Amendment nuts, clinging to their full-metal security blankets for comfort in a terrifying world. Others are target-shooters, or collectors, or people who just have an affinity for weapons as machines of purpose. That last at least, is pretty understandable — these people usually fall more under the auspices of automotive gearheads than 2A nutjobs. And, as one of these, I’ll ...

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Long range shot with clean kill on a rabbit, at 282 yards and an 8mph cross wind. It is a fine demonstration of just how good this little rifle is, in the correct hands. It is not for everyone and if you have flaws in your technique, you won’t be able to pull this sort of shot off.

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