Fastest Shooter OF ALL TIME! Jerry Miculek – Incredible Shooting

Meet Jerry Miculek, the fastest shooter of all time. Jerry is considered a legend in this sport. He holds several national, and world, precision records in fast shots. Also he appeared in 2 TV shows, Sharp Shooters (2006) and Extreme Marksmen (2008). This is a video presentation by his official YouTube channel, – The Leaders in Gun Control, where you can see him in action.

Jerry Miculek holds 11 world records, five of which officially got the green light from the NRA. He has over 100 titles in several disciplines, and he is the only person to hold and proudly own the Life Achievement Award for Shooting. Check out the video to see Jerry’s fast fingers and a demonstration of his skills. What are your initial thoughts about the fastest shooter of all times? Do you think there is someone better out there at the moment? Leave a comment with your feedback below.

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