Chopping a TV with a 6FT HUGE Berserker Broadsword!

GizmoSlip is back again with cutting everything in half, this time it’s a poor 50 inch 4K TV. He’s got the help of another YouTuber named Michaelcthulhu, he is a popular blacksmith known for recreating huge swords and other arms from movies, cartoons and animes. Before they try to cut the TV in half they show us some cool footage of Michael cutting a burning brick in slow motion, after that they get to business, using his giant sword to cut the TV in half. Surprisingly the first swing isn’t what they expected at all, no cool sword sliding stuff, the TV doesn’t even budge, so they’re task turns to How many swings will it take to cut the TV in half. After 10 swings the TV is totally broken but not chopped. Still they destroyed that TV, their main goal. YAY!

Would you want chop things in half if you had that giant sword? Who wouldn’t. Share your thoughts!

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