Chiappa Little Badger – Awesome Survival Gun!

Meet the Little Badger. It is the ultimate packable survival gun made by the Chiappa Company. This video is a demonstration and review of the rifle, as part of the series of Simple Little Life on their YouTube channel. The Little Badger is one interesting survival firearm, and it’s much different than any other firearm on the market. It is a lightweight break open rifle which is made to fit into a backpack once it’s closed.

With 17” overall length when opened can hold 12 cartridges of ammo which is always ready for action. In this video review by Simple Little life as episode 16, we can see how the firearm is closed, opened, how it functions and the way it behaves for what it’s made – shooting. Check out the video and let us know if this gun should be in your camping survival arsenal. Leave a comment in the section below.

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