BREAKING: The FBI Just Publicly Called Every Single Democrat a Liar

The Democrats insist that a Trump-Russia investigation exists, and that Comey’s dismissal is somehow getting in the way of the FBI’s work.

Well, that liberal narrative just got body-slammed! To the Senate Intelligence Committee, Acting FBI Director McCabe said, “There has been NO effort to impede our investigation to date… Simply put, sir, you cannot stop the men and women of the FBI from doing the right thing, protecting the American people, and upholding the Constitution.”

In fact, I would assume that the shake-up at the top of the FBI has actually allowed the men and women of the FBI to do their jobs more thoroughly.

We all know Comey was in the Washington swamp. We might argue over whether he was up to his waist in the muck or drowning in it. However, a director with even a toe into corruption would negatively affect the FBI.

Former Director Comey didn’t want to prosecute Clinton and didn’t think Huma Abedin committed a crime. He was incompetent in quite a few other ways, especially surrounding terrorism.

I imagine quite a few people have had to explain to Comey that when they say “justice is blind,” they don’t mean justice ignores obvious criminal behavior.

Now that the members of the FBI will have their hands untied surrounding these essential cases, the Democrats are in an uproar. It’s clear they would prefer to have an incompetent FBI.

That’s just one of the reasons they whine that President Trump somehow interfered with an investigation against him — an investigation that doesn’t even really exist, by the way. You can’t pretend that the impartiality of the FBI has been corrupted by Trump, when it’s actually Democrats who have been getting away with crimes under Comey’s watch. Trump is trying to clean house.

No, no, instead the Democrats’ whole hand has been revealed. They are liars. They will make anything up to score political points — even that the FBI has somehow been tarnished by the removal of an awful director — to forward their anti-American agenda.

I doubt even a single Democrat bothered to look into the affairs of the FBI before they started crying that an investigation was suffering. They certainly didn’t care that Comey drooped a legitimate investigation into Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

The truth is, unless they can use it as a political tool, the Democrats don’t care what’s going on in the FBI. That is, unless they are under investigation themselves. Well, I imagine quite a few of them will have the chance to talk to the acting director, or the next director, in person, so they can see how the FBI truly handles investigations. Drain the swamp!

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