Check out this video of a 375 magnum vs. a sheet metal and see who will end up being stronger. The cartridge .357 Magnum was by the company & Smith Wesson 1934 for Revolver brought to market (see picture. Colt Python). Today, there are a variety of long and short weapons that are produced in this caliber.
.357 Magnum ammunition is twice as much load as .38 Special -ammo (similar caliber). When shooting from a .38 Special Revolver, the correspondingly higher gas pressure could burst the weapon, which is not designed for it, and thus endanger the shooter.

The sleeve of the .357 Magnum is approximately 3.4 mm longer than the .38 Special. Conversely, however, it is safe to fire the shorter .38 Special ammunition with .357 Magnum revolvers. What are your initial thoughts about this clash? Do you have a thought of who is going to win it? Let us know in the comment box below.

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