The Chinese War Sword by Cold Steel…

This video by Cold Steel features a Chinese two-handed Chinese war sword. The narrator says that there are only a few swords in the world that are more intimidating or more effective than the two-handed Chinese war sword. Its huge, wide blade will shear through armor as if it were butter, not to mention slice through flesh and bone. Despite its size, there’s nothing clumsy or awkward about the sword. It’s 14.5-inch cord-wrapped grip, S-shaped guard, and steel ring-shaped pommel all work in concept to make it a well-balanced weapon that’s unbelievably fast and agile.

They tried the sword on various items to demonstrate just how sharp and powerful the Chinese war sword is. It neatly cuts through everything they put out, which included a bamboo shaft, wooden poles, a thick braided rope, even a leather boot filled with meat, a basketball, a plastic pipe, plastic trash bins filled with liquid, stacked unopened soda cans, stacked opened soda bottles, as well as various slabs of meat.

Swords have a long history in China. Bronze swords have been traced back to the bronze daggers of the Shang dynasty and during the mid-third century B.C., bronze long swords appeared. Later swords were made of iron or steel. The metals were wrought, never cast. Usually, the swords were 70 to 100 centimeters long. However, longer swords have been found. The Chinese classify all swords into two types, jian (劍) and dao (刀). Jians are dual-edged while daos are single-edged.

The dadao (大刀), or “big knife”, is one of the varieties of dao. It is also known as the Chinese great sword. Based on agricultural knives, dadao have broad blades generally between two and three feet long. The long hilts are meant for a “hand and a half” or for two-handed use, and they are generally a weight-forward balance. With this description in mind, the Chinese war sword in this video may fall under the dadao category.

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